Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of YOGA?

Doing yoga can improve your posture, co-ordination and awareness in everyday movement to prevent injury. YASYOGA classes use gentle yet invigorating breath-centred movement to improve, strength, flexibility and to release tension. There is a focus on individual anatomy and alignment using various props.

What do I wear?

Any comfortable clothing in which you can move freely, no shoes. I would prefer bare feet especially doing standing poses. But you can of course wear socks.

I have Osteoporosis, can I do yoga?

Yes, of course. Appropriate exercise/movement can help and maintain bone density. And even more improve your daily movement.

How often do I need to practise?

It depends on your lifestyle and aims. Most attendees take 2 to 3 classes a week.Taking yoga class once a week is still beneficial. Once you know the movement, you can do self-practise on your own even 10 mins.

What are differences between the group class and semi-private/private 1-1class?

Group session more suitable for people no injuries or no issues as it is all levels contents. However, if you have experienced doing yoga and have issues, I can give some modification. In one to one or semi group bases, I customise to fit your needs.Both a group and private session, I use yoga belt, bricks, blocks, bolster and so on to support your body.

Do I have to OM at the end of class with everyone else?

Most instructors will give a description of the OM and how to do it if they notice a lot of new faces in class. Matching your voice with everyone is just a way of closing classes and “making the sound of the universe.” You are not joining a cult by participating in the OM at the end of class. Bottom line: it is completely your decision. If you prefer not to OM, then don’t!