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As a teacher my goal is “to create an opportunity for everyone to experience change both physically and spiritually.”


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Yasue Hodge

I discovered my passion for yoga in the mid 1990’s. It helped me with rehabilitation from injuries sustained in my sporting career.

I started teaching Yoga in 2002 and have studied with many teachers all over the world including India, Japan, USA and Europe.

In the beginning of my yoga journey, I fell in love with Vinyasa Yoga. I practised Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series and had completed Ashtanga primary series TTC by David Swenson.

After that, I injured my shoulder while practicing yoga, I felt something was missing and studied yoga philosophy, meditation in Sivananda Yoga Ashram in South India and also qualified as a Sivananda Yoga teacher. During my travels in India, I had the opportunity to take an Iyengar yoga class and this opened my eyes. I still take Iyengar classes when I have the chance. I really like using the tools as everyone can do yoga safely.

I am registered as an E-RYT500 and have also trained others to teach through RYT200 courses at Under The Light Yoga School in Japan. I have lived in the UK since 2010 and have completed Moving Fascia®, fascial movement training with a unique method of self-release and movement. This is embodied anatomy course exploring the fascial architecture through the fascial, neural and visceral relationships that influence our movement. 

Having taken inspiration from these self-release and movement techniques I have incorporated them into my own practice I am now, in collaboration with Moving Fascia® creator, Ana Barretxeguren, developing Moving Fascia® Yoga. Offering yoga for everyone. 

Yasue Hodge ~ Advanced Yoga teacher

“My goal as a teacher is to create an opportunity for everyone to experience change both physically and spiritually.”

Our Yogis Say

Read some of the lovely endorsements my wonderful clients have left for me.

Yasue is a kind and gentle teacher who really knows her stuff and knows how to help you get the best out of your practice.

Colleen Yoga

Colleen Snyman

Website Designer

I find purpose in each class, no matter how busy my mind was before I began, I leave feeling renewed and peaceful.


Jodi Watson


Yasue helped me with an injury that had niggled me for years, now I look forward to every class.


Travis Head


I have been attending Yasue’s classes at Field Place for over 4 years now, plus Zoom classes for the last 18 months. Yasue is a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher who can bring the best out of her students whatever their abilities.

As a qualified yoga teacher since 2012, as part of my ongoing continuing professional development, I greatly benefit from Yasue’s continual learning and studies which she is generous in sharing with all her students.’


Chris Thompson

Laxmi Yoga Teacher Trainer

Yasue really knows her stuff and has helped me with my core and posture. Working at a desk and under tables require different sets of muscles and ranges of motion and flexibility, she really has improved my work days.


Petar Stipanovic

IT Consultant

Learning to take time for myself and listen to my body has been a life changing time for me and I have Yasue to thank for the lesson.


Charlotte Smith


I joined Yasue’s class on Zoom at the start of lockdown. I’ve struggled with lack of flexibility as a result of a lifetime of cycling and no stretching regime.

Yasue’s easy to access classes have been a revelation and helped my cycling and recovery.
The benefits were clear as I took a break over Christmas and my old aches and pains returned. However, resuming classes saw these disappear and my general sense of well being and ability to relax return. Highly recommended.

Clive Lett

Clive Lett


Yasue is a brilliantly unique yoga teacher- every class is meticulously planned to benefit all abilities. As a triathlete with genetic back problems who works sitting at a desk, Yasue’s yoga plays a pivotal role in rectifying my posture and stretching very tight muscles.

Zoom yoga is so convenient, and I’m delighted that since 2019 Yasue’s classes have become a very positive and essential part of my life.


Nicole P

Nicole P.